Apple’s Adoption of NFC Will Make Digital Out-of-Home Screens Smarter and More Valuable

NEW YORK, NY — A must read article by Ken Goldberg, Chief Executive Officer of Real Digital Media on Why There’s More to Apple Pay Than Just Mobile Payment — For years, Near Field Communication (NFC) has been the domain of Android-based smartphones. Widely used in Europe and Asia, NFC has never truly broken through in North America, and particularly the United States. Now with Apple’s announcement of the inclusion of NFC in both the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, NFC will suddenly be “discovered” by legions of Apple loyalists, rendering it legitimate and relevant overnight.

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Garnier’s DOOH Campaign Launches Holly Willoughby as Blond Poster Girl

UNITED KINGDOM -  UK consumers will be seeing a lot of Holly Willoughby, the UK television personality and fashion model best known for her work with ITV and BBC One. Ms. Willoughby has been selected as a brand ambassador for Garnier Nutrisse Blondes, as a nationwide digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad campaign begins across London and Manchester.

The DOOH campaign will be deployed across eight of JCDecaux’s digital billboards including: the W8 Network in London, M4 Torch, M4 Tower,  M4 Showcase, Holland Park Tower, Hammersmith Tower, Marylebone Tower,  A40 Spire and the A4 Showcase. Garnier will be the first brand to deploy all 8 towers in The W8 Network, communicating with consumers across the key wealth corridors into central London. Garnier will also be the launch brand for the newly digitized Trafford Tower and Trafford Arch in Manchester. The campaign was planned and booked with JCDecaux by Maxus and Kinetic.

“JCDecaux with their The W8 network presented an exciting opportunity to complement our multimedia campaign launch for Holly as the new face of Garnier Nutrisse Blondes.“ said Gayle Noah, Media Manager at L’Oréal.

“A combination of prestigious positioning, effective frequency and eye-catching creative means this campaign is bound to have a big impact on audiences in London and Manchester during topical London Fashion Week,” said Alex Mottershead, Account Director at Kinetic.

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Samsung’s Digital Out-of-Home Campaign Reaches Travelers at Heathrow

UNITED KINGDOM - Samsung has kicked off new digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising campaign in conjunction with JCDecaux Airport UK and Cheil UK. The campaign is a year-long push, planned and booked by Cheil UK, to promote the full range of products and devices across Samsung’s product portfolio using GrandView, a digital out-of-home advertising tower at London Heathrow.

The tower is  three-sided digital billboard that stands above the main entrance roads to Terminals 2 and 3, and Terminal 2 exit roads, capturing passengers from three different directions. Using JCDecaux’s GrandView, the Samsung’s DOOH campaign will reach more than 15 million passengers at Heathrow airport.

Last May, Samsung ran a two week ad campaign that dominated Heathrow’s Terminal 5 using both digital and traditional media. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 campaign marks the first time Heathrow’s Terminal 5 has permitted a complete brand take over. That campaign was also developed by Cheil UK in conjunction with JCDecaux Airport and ran through the end of May. The campaign included all signage throughout the Terminal including 172 digital signage screens at the main terminal, gate rooms and baggage claim areas, as well as entrance and drop-off locations, lounge, security and gates areas. Read more about it on ScreenMedia Daily.

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Geo-targeted Ad Campaign Uses London Taxis To Promote The Times Newseum Exhibit

UNITED KINGDOM - Beginning September 8, VeriFone Media Taxis will begin running a geo-targeted digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising campaign on behalf of the Saatchi Gallery at the Times Newseum. The campaign uses geo-location to detect when a taxi enters a specific area of London in close proximity to the Saatchi Gallery where the Newseum exhibition is showing. When a cab enters into a zone, the Times Newseum’s creative then plays on VeriFone Media’s 2,500 digital signage equipped taxis for the duration of time that the cab stays in the designated zone, potentially playing multiple times.

Passengers can interact with the cabs using Tapit NFC tags, which will then direct the user to the Times Newseum website. In-car tip-seat branding will run for four weeks and a survey will also be served to passengers, offering tangible campaign results and audience insights.

“Out-of-home is the perfect vehicle to promote The Times’ upcoming Newseum exhibition. Reaching an upmarket, urban audience through taxi advertising with the added benefit of geo-targeted digital signage screens to reach the right audience at the right time is an exciting solution for this campaign,” said Nathan Bennett, Account Director at Kinetic.

BlowUP Media Scores English Rugby Football Union DOOH Ad Campaign

imageUNITED KINGDOM - BlowUP media and the English Rugby Football Union, which is hosting next year’s Rugby World Cup, are working together to promote the opening of ticket sales to the third largest event in world sport.

The English Rugby Football Union’s campaign will run on digital out-of-home (DOOH) sites strategically located near key rugby grounds where World Cup games will take place. BlowUP media’s Super Motion digital signage billboards in Cardiff and Birmingham offer high quality full motion digital content that should grab the rugby audience’s attention, while the Leeds City Square site directly opposite the train station is perfectly positioned to capture the vehicular and pedestrian rugby audience in Leeds.

With the home teams believed to have a good chance of reaching the final stages of the World Cup, which starts in September 2015, the campaign should stimulate great interest among rugby fans. BlowUP media has promoted major sporting events in the past including the Olympics and the football World Cup. Media agency Zenith, together with out-of-home (OOH) specialist Posterscope, booked the campaign.

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